Life Coaching is solution-oriented problem solving that can help you to make practical, fearless, and permanent changes in your life. Life Coaching differs from orthodox models of therapy in one essential way: The emphasis is "how to" release yourself from self-defeating patterns rather than focusing on why you got into those patterns in the first place.

Jessie Mowry, M.U.P, CLC

Master UnTherapy Practitioner

Certified Life Coach

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I will assist you in reframing your thoughts and behaviors so they align with your personal, mental, and emotional goals.


You no longer have to hold the identity of victim regardless of how traumatic your past was or how challenging your present circumstances are.





My time with Jessie has been life-changing. I wanted to stop suppressing my joyful self-expression because of fear and approval-seeking, but with gentle directness, humor, and open sharing of her own experience, Jessie made working together not feel like work at all.


She has the maturity to respect the different paths and ways we walk'.  


~ Phoebe, Executive Sales

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In the mental health field there are limited options for individuals that seek counseling services but who do not have a psychological diagnosis. Psychotherapy isn't for everyone! Long-lasting mental and emotional balance comes from self acceptance, not from rehashing the past. Seeking a solution-oriented Life Coach can be beneficial because analyzing the past doesn't necessarily help a person feel better in the present. The more a person tells their story, the more they remain identified with it.

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Your Greatest Self.


If you need to transcend old patterns that perpetuate drama, procrastination, self-consciousness, worry, or self-sabotage Life Coaching is incredibly efficient at creating the changes you seek. If you also want to learn self-counseling techniques, having these skills will help quiet your mind and attain more self-control.

Jessie is amazing! She really helped me get my life back on track. I've never worked with someone who is so strong and compassionate at the same time.  I appreciate the way she's not afraid to share from her own life. It helps me feel like I'm talking to a real person, and that she understands what I'm going through. I like that she's a straight shooter, and even though she tells me things I don't want to hear, she always gives me a safe place to land. And…as a visual person, the pictures she draws helps me to 'see it' and really 'get it'!


~ Michelle, The Narrative Loft