I teach at The Women's Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching, we are an online life coach certification school. This web-based life coach training is taught as a distance learning experience through the use of pre-recorded video and audio lectures so students can learn at their own pace at whatever time of the day or night that best suits them. 

UnTherapy Counseling
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UnTherapy Certification

UnTherapy is a trademarked system of positive psychology and was developed by psychologist and author, Sunny Massad, Ph.D. It is a unique model that will provide you with the practical tools you’ll need to help you to help others. 

We are the only life coach certification school in the world that teaches our student to use the UnTherapy system of conscious coaching. 


You will learn how to break free of early life conditioning, transform fearful thinking, improve self-discipline, stop self-sabotage, strategically plan, change behaviors, and attain a balanced life.

UnTherapy is a positive psychology that introduces self-care and self-compassion to heal self-neglect and self-abuse.
The UnTherapy 
approach to counseling replaces worry, whining, and destructive habits by rebooting the mind to return to a sense of well-being. 
What graduates are saying...

"Jessie Mowry is a fantastic coach and instructor. I was able to get more out of her training than I anticipated. When I entered the course, like any learner, I had the basic expectations of what I hoped to take away from the class. I was not prepared to go beyond the basic knowledge. Not only did I walk away with knowledge of coaching, but I found that I personally developed beyond what I had ever thought. During my time studying under her teaching and leadership, Jessie has a very student-centered and practical approach toward her subject and her learners. She makes sure that each student has a positive and personal learning experience. This has been an outstanding experience that is something that can benefit my coaching business as well as my personal life and perspectives." 

- M. Constantini, graduate