Jessie Mowry is a certified life coach known for her open-minded, non-judgmental, and patient approach. Her specialization include helping people to overcome self-sabotaging behaviors that keep them stuck in unhealthy patterns. She has a deep understanding of emotional conflict and knows how to support others through the complexities of their suffering.

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Jessie Mowry Certified Life Coach

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Jessie Mowry, M.U.P, CLC

Master UnTherapy Practitioner, Certified Life Coach

I expect that many of the people who find this website may have had painful life histories because kindred spirits often find one another. My core belief as a life coach and wellness counselor is that when someone is given the right tools, old wounds can serve as a foundation in which wisdom and grace can emerge.  

As a young adult it didn't take long for me to realize that if I were to rise above my own challenges I would need to find positive role models. Over the years I pursued various therapies  with amazing psychologists, eventually going school to become a counselor myself,  then sought mentorships with enlightened masters of Asian-Zen backgrounds to Native American shamanism.  


Because I prefer an East / West approach to counseling and coaching, I include the UnTherapy system in my practice as a way to effectively draw from internal strengths rather than influence from external circumstances, which is what I model for my clients as well.

I came to Jessie as a survivor of a very abusive background. My life was threatened many times and had a very hard time trusting people in general.

Jessie's approach was gentle yet very supportive to push me forward even when I felt I couldn't.


My experience with Jessie was profoundly healing and transforming.



~ Rea, Massage Therapist




Like many, my own background was complex and fraught with opportunities to evolve. Initially traditional psychotherapies helped me to navigate through the jumbled mess of my childhood, but in the end the UnTherapy system of counseling was what helped me to be the successful adult I am today. Remarkably with just a single session, my counselor had me identifying the root of my own issues and assisted me in establishing viable plans so I could live life according to my own values. From that moment on, I knew this efficient and effective counseling system would be a skill I would want to share with others. It freed me from the damaged conclusions I had drawn about my life, and I wanted to show others how to do the same.

So Then...

In 2007 I graduated from The Hawaii Wellness Institute as a certified Life Coach with a specialty in Wellness Counseling.  I decided to move to Northern California and further my personal and educational interests. In 2009 I took up an internship with Dr. Sunny Massad, P.hd, the originator of UnTherapy, and graduated as a Master UnTherapy practitioner. I now serve on the faculty team for the online coaching school, The Women's Leadership Institute for Conscious Coaching. 

And Now.

I am honored to be able to pay forward the skills, enthusiasm, light, and love that was shown to me as I now mentor others out of their perpetual darkness, helping them find the way back to the purity of their spirit the way it was before the traumas and wounds took hold.  I got my life back, I'm freely living, and I am confident I can help you to do the same.