Chronic Illnesses/New Diagnosis/Care-giver Burnout/Couples Support/Self-Care Planning

If you need help handling the pain and fears of a newly diagnosed condition or chronic illness, I can assist you through your health crisis. It can be overwhelming to commit to all that is required in order for you to get better, finding support for your healing journey is essential to recovery. My objective is to help you maintain a quality of life despite your diagnosis by helping you organize your new life while addressing any fears and uncertainty that arise. 

  • Plan and organize lifestyle changes so you can adjust to your diagnosis

  • Get support so that you can transition towards a lifestyle that can include your illness 

  • Feel empowered despite the frightening components of a chronic illness

As someone who is enduring a chronic illness myself, I  know how deeply impacting a life altering illness can be.  Receiving a diagnosis can be devastating, but also bring a sense of relief to have a long awaited answer.  It can be helpful to express your feelings to someone who actually knows what you are talking about, I offer patient advocacy support and compassionate assistance to help you establish a renewed quality of life.  Telephone, FaceTime, and Skype sessions available for your convenience.