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It is your freedom, your right, and your responsibility to make peace with the people and parts of yourself you still judge. Suffering is optional and peace begins with building a trusting relationship with yourself first. When your mind is in a spin cycle and you can't seem to get out of it, the most empowering question you can ask yourself is, “How would I rather be?" 

Life Coaching sessions will help you to create more self awareness, move away from dysfunctional behavioral patterns, and live life according to your own core values. The goal is for you to live from your authenticity rather than from survival strategies you may have developed in the past. 

Regardless of how traumatic your past may have been or how challenging your present situation might be, you have developed character traits during those tough times that can help you through the most difficult adversities.  A good coach can help you to tap into those. I will help you to change negative thoughts that keep you in a pattern of suffering.  If you are looking for a Life Coach who can help you to establish healthy patterns, you will find working with me to be a refreshing alternative.

*If you suffer from a mental illness, or if you believe that you might be clinically depressed, traditional therapy will be better suited to meet your needs. But if you are an otherwise functional adult who needs a boost to improve your quality of life, call me for a free phone consultation. Life Coaching is an out of pocket expense as medical insurances do not reimburse life coaching.